The best day of the week just got a lot better with a new round of awesome comics arriving in stores this week. Staff members at Major Spoilers are here to help you with your comic book selection this week, with their roundup of comics they recommend.

Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Jim Terry
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Cover Price: $3.99
The crow flies.
A soul is brought back.
But something is wrong.

Angeles Cero won’t stop killing on her quest for revenge, and the bodies are piling up.
Now, slasher hunter Cassie Hack and her monstrous partner Vlad are on the trail of the Crow Killer, assuming her to be one of the masked murderers they’ve hunted for years.

But they aren’t the only force trying to make the universe right again.

MATTHEW: There’s no way that this crossover should work, so I’m very interested in seeing how the two properties (one a tongue-in-cheek celebration, the other a deep, personal work of emotion) mesh. Worst case, I suppose it would make for a good trainwreck.

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Art: Howard Porter
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
“The Flash Year One” continues! As our hero picks up the pieces from his disastrous defeat at the hands of the Turtle, the rise of the Rogues in Central City gives the Flash renewed resolve. But Barry is still learning to master his abilities, and while an experienced speedster might know how to outrun a gun, this time he may not be so lucky…

STEPHEN: I didn’t think we needed a Flash Year One arc until I read the reimagining of The Turtle. This is a fun arc, even though there is some rehashing of the Flash origin story.

Writer: Bobby Curnow
Artist: Simon Gane
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: A sinister force grows in strength as Brandt discovers more secrets about his past and his family’s connection to the Ghost Tree. Will Brandt be able to discover his true purpose in Japan in time to save himself?

INGRID: On the surface, a fascinating take on ghosts and demons. More deeply, it is a story about living one’s own life – or running away from it. Beautifully told and beautifully drawn, this is a fantastic book.

Writer: Ryan Parrott
Artist: Daniele Di Nicuolo
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Cover Price: $4.99
SOLICITATION: The return of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – but what happened to the universe after the defeat of Lord Drakkon, and what do our Rangers remember?

MATTHEW: Once again, if you’re not reading the BOOM! Power Rangers books, you’re missing out on some really good comics.



Writer: Jody LeHeup
Artist: Nathan Fox
Publisher: Image Comics, Inc.
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: Nathan Bright has no memory of his alleged role in the terrorist attack that killed 18 billion people, but that isn’t stopping him from trying to atone for the actions of his past self. Hunted by literally everyone in the galaxy, Nathan’s quest for redemption takes him to the scene of the crime—where he discovers that Earth’s not lifeless at all… it’s monstrous! This summer, writer JODY LEHEUP (SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER!), artist NATHAN FOX (HAUNT, DMZ), and colorist MORENO DINISIO (BLACK SCIENCE) return with the hotly anticipated second chapter of their jaw-dropping, critically acclaimed sci-fi sensation!

INGRID: It’s back, you guys! This is a gritty, violent thriller of a book with a strong premise and tight plotting. It is as gripping as it is horrifying, and I am so excited to start reading Vol. 2!

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