The general state of Twitter has been somewhat difficult to navigate in recent months, leading me to post less and silently-read-in-a-blind-rage more.  Many of my friends and favorite creators have actually left the site (and some have left social media entirely) to avoid the constant “organ grinder of doom” mentality.  I can relate, though my own usual irritants are more the “you forgot” and “explaining my own joke back to me” variety rather than the sexist nonsense, death threats, racist screeds and general obnoxiousness that others have to weather.  On occasion, when the rumors of social media sites going under roll around, I consider whether or not I’d miss mine, then I remember it’s the only interaction that I have with my siblings, leading us to today’s hashtag #query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) XXXXX asks: has honestly been considering chucking Facebook entirely due to various moral, ethical and intellectual complaints, but would really miss my Twitter, asking: How difficult would it be for you to give up social media?


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