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SyFy Spins off Lobo

On Wednesday Syfy dropped the second season of their Superman-without-Superman show, Krypton. The same day season 2 dropped Variety reported that not only would Lobo serve an important role in helping Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), and Adam Strange (Sean Siphos), preserve continuity and defeat Zod – that’s not a spoiler, there’s a ton of Zods running around Krypton – but Emmett J. Scanlan’s performance as the “bastich” of the multiverse would be getting his own spinoff show.

Seems Syfy has embraced the Arrowverse approach to greenlighting new shows.

Scanlan will stars and Krypton executive producer Cam Walsh will reprise his same duties on Lobo. Nothing else is known about the show at this time, however, San Diego Comic-Con is right around the corner and there’s a good chance we’ll know more by then.

As someone who was never (and likely will never be), a fan of the character, I can’t say this is the Krypton spinoff I’m most excited to see. That in mind, the first season really smacked me over the head and surprised me by how amazing it was. There’s a good chance Lobo will do the same thing. Since DC Universe seems to be cancelling shows left and right it’s heartening for fans of the company to see that their shows are thriving on other networks.

Aggretsuko Season 2 Drops on Netflix Today

Aggrestuko, the first original Sanrio anime created and streaming for Netflix, dropped the second season of the show today:

Aggretsuko: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

From her mother meddling in her personal affairs to a nightmarish new coworker, Retsuko’s still got a lot to rage about in her karaoke sessions. Aggretsuko premieres on June 14, only on Netflix.

The show stars Retsuko, an adorable red panda, who love metal and rages out when her mundane office job gets the better of her. Last season fans were left wondering WHAT HAIDA SAID!?, a question which will hopefully get answered in an early episode.

Yesterday Aggretsuko creator, Yeti, stopped by the Sanrio offices to celebrate the latest launch of the show. The visit was documented on the company’s official Instagram account and the show’s official account. For anyone interested in Yeti’s design process and what does into creating in the Sanrio style the photos & stories are a MUST SEE:

Super sweet visit! Yeti, the creator of Aggretsuko stopped by #SanrioHQ to answer some burning questions from #Aggretsuko fans. Watch the Q+A on @aggretsuko’s story ? P.S. Meet and RAGE with Aggretsuko and Yeti this Saturday at @sanriojapanesevillage ?Link in bio for more event info!

4,492 Likes, 14 Comments – Sanrio (@sanrio) on Instagram: “Super sweet visit! Yeti, the creator of Aggretsuko stopped by #SanrioHQ to answer some burning…”

Yeti, the creator of #Aggretsuko, stopped by @sanrio HQ today to answer some of your RAGING questions ?Check insta-stories for the full Q&A ? and watch her draw your favorite heavy metal-loving red panda!

6,482 Likes, 36 Comments – Aggretsuko (@aggretsuko) on Instagram: “Yeti, the creator of #Aggretsuko, stopped by @sanrio HQ today to answer some of your RAGING…”






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