I’ll let you in on the most poorly kept secrets of Major Spoilers: I would rather read four bad El Aguila stories than another half-hearted or mediocre Batman tale.  Not because there’s anything specifically wrong with Batman, but because there are so few El Aguila tales to be had, the next one could easily be the best one ever!  It can be a tough life, championing the less popular characters.  You get called contrarian a lot, and you learn to hate the term “third-stringers”, especially from people who have no basis to hate a given character other than a point-and-laugh blog they once read.  Sometimes one has to take the metaphorical road less traveled and live with the metaphorical poison ivy, which leads us to today’s non-metaphorical query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) could probably answer this question for three hours without a problem, asking: What underused character is inexplicably among your favorites?


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  1. Dr. Bong has always been a favorite of mine. I think he could be used as a real threat if written right, but he’s mainly a joke. Even as a joke, he’s a great character.

  2. Lemmy Caution (@_Lemmy_Caution) on

    I always liked the original Tarantula from Spider-Man. I have no idea why. Could be the costume!

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