Betty Page has had some amazing adventures to date. She’s battled mad scientist, aliens, extra-dimensional elder gods, and more, but nothing could prepare her for the adventures she is about to embark on. It’s the end of the world, unless our Ms. Page can stop it! Check out BETTY PAGE: UNBOUND #1, out now from Dynamite Entertainment.


Writer: David Avallone
Artist: Julius Ohta
Colors: Ellie Wright
Letters: Taylor Esposito
Cover: John Royle & Mohan
Variant Covers: Scott Chandler, David Williams & Kelsey Shannon, Julius Ohta
Publisher:    Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date:    June 05, 2019
Cover Price: $39.99

Previously in Betty Page: In our world, Betty Page is an icon of pop culture who is engrained into the minds of fans everywhere for her risqué modeling photos and iconic look. In another world she is a model also, but leads a secret life as a government agent who has saved the world countless times. She has battled aliens, monsters, and even gods. So what is next for the bombastic beauty?


As we check back in with Betty Page, we find her trying to explain exactly how she came to be wielding a sword against an evil wizard and his skeletal minions, all while wearing a metal and fur bikini. The situation is not as outrageous as it seems on the surface. It’s not a joke, not an imaginary story, it’s just the latest in a series of events which are leading up to THE Event.

December 1952. Betty is in the office of her government boss, Captain McKnight, as they try to play connect the dots on the meaning of all of her adventures which have occurred. It seems that they are not as random as it first seemed, and McKnight has recruited help in the form of Rick Chaplin, a rocket scientist from Aerospace Tech to help sift through everything. His research has shown that the Event in question may point to the Great Old One, ancient, elder gods who are trapped in a dimensional prison. It was in such a prison, he surmises, that Betty met Yog-Sothoth (check out my review of the Betty Page Halloween Special for more info), in that prison. It all is connected to the Tunguska Star that was given to her a short time later. It seems there are five keys which can unlock the dimensional prison, and Betty’s little piece of jewelry is one of them. Chaplin states that if she can find the other four keys they can stop the Elder Gods from invading the Earth. Even as they try to figure out their next step, an otherworldly, a thunderous sound echoes across the sky and the sky literally crack, like a pane of glass. The Event they had been warned about, has begun.

Using the Tunguska Star, Betty attempts to try and stop the crack, only open a portal and be confronted by Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos. It wants the star and will kill them to get it. Rick attacks, risking his own life to save Betty, and directs her to jump through the portal. She does, and is deposited on a barren landscape wearing a fur cape, sword, and the aforementioned fur and metal bikini. Taking the sword, Betty wields it and is surprised that she feels so powerful. Her private reverie is interrupted though as a pair of horse-mounted warriors accost her. They have a line of young female slave in chains for their master’s harem, and believe Betty would make a fine addition to their haul. The joke is on them though, because Betty Page is no one’s slave. Her battle prowess is rewarded as the young women recognize her symbol, the Tunguska Star, and offer to lead her to the Grand Vizer. The star is also the symbol of his power, and therefore it Betty The Page’s next stop on her way to save the world.


This issue continues writer David Avallone’s (Legenderry: Vampirella, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark) development of Betty Page as so much more than a pretty face. Over multiple issues, he has established her as model, a spy, a secret agent, an adventurer, and more. His voice for Betty is still great and sound so right for the character. I love the way Betty herself relays the stories, and the way Agent McKnight is the premise for revealing those story to the unknowing public. It feels as if there is a chance Betty Page really did go on these adventures and is now telling us how they worked out.  To write such thrilling stories around a real life person, especially as big a cult figure as Betty Page, is a great accomplishment.

The artwork by Julius Ohta is just as great as ever. He has a distinctive style that uses heavy black lines to define the characters, yet he still manages to keep the beauty of every character, and the horror of every challenge. It’s great to see him use his talents to place Betty in what are, even for her, different settings, and the little horrific style tease at the end is something to look forward to.


It continually surprises me we live in a day and age where we have a Betty Page comic that is not reliant on her status as a sex symbol, but instead on spectacular writing and art. If you are looking for an enjoyable read that has a healthy dose of alternate history, this is the title for you.

BETTY PAGE: UNBOUND #1 entertains and satisfies. The genre-hopping of this storyline is just icing on the cake.

Bettie Page: Unbound #1

8.0 Bombastic

Pick it up and flip through the excellent pages of a great story and art combination.

  • Writing 8
  • Art 8
  • Coloring 8
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