If you are looking for a new set of miniatures for your role-playing games, Modiphius Entertainment has announced new miniatures sets for Achtung! Cthulhu.

The new Black Sun Commanders set features five new Black Sun villains to enhance your battlefield forces, including Black Sun’s military overlord, Albrecht Lohmann, the mischievous and deadly Black Sun agent “Sweet” Liesel Bohm and mad scientist Doctor Verner Vedrecht, plus two exciting new sculpts of the Black Sun Master and Black Sun Canon!

This new Pathfinder Demonhunter box set allows you to call on some of the most powerful fighters on the Allied roster. Only the bravest, most spiritual warriors of the North American tribes learn the ways of the demons and how to defeat them and these fearsome warriors are armed with a tomahawk, Tinglit armour and Thompson SMGs.

Natalya Petrova is one of the Soviet Union’s foremost operatives and the cold grip of winter is never far from where she goes. Emerging from the icy mists, the shadowy creature known as the Spirit of the Motherland is inextricably bonded with her and now bursts into action, irresistibly ripping and tearing at infantry and armour, bringing ruin to the hated Axis invaders.

Leibowitz and McMasters are two the allies most distinctive heroes. Horrifically wounded by the Black Sun, Liebowitz’s mind was opened up to the power of the Mythos, his body mutated into a twisted blasphemy of tentacled flesh. When he loses control, his unconscious mind exacts a terrible revenge on his tormentors. A much decorated and ever so slightly deranged Allied hero, Mad Jack’s fearless nature, ability to inspire men and mastery of both longbow and his broadsword ‘Nelly’ make him one of the Allies’ most potent battlefield weapons.

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