The idea of continuity is a relatively new one in comics, with previous generations embracing Imaginary Stories, swerves and just plain nonsense as equally valid.  Somewhere during the late Silver Age, though, the idea that the stories should ALL make sense as one big tapestry became the rage, and frankly I blame The Legion of Super-Heroes.  It’s ironic, then, that the Legion has the largest volume of non-canonical stories in it’s arsenal, including the Adult Legion, the entirety of Volume 4 and at least two ENTIRE UNIVERSES, leading to today’s discontinuitous query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) misses the ‘Five Years Later’ Legion a lot, but thinks that the best has to be ‘Star Trek: The Animated Series’, which sloooooowly seeped back into Trek canon over the span of decades, asking: What non-canonical (or no-longer canonical) tales are still among your favorites?


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  1. StellarLeader on

    If we disregar the never-ending fights and only consider the story bits of both, I like Dragon Ball GT much more than Dragon Ball Super. To be fair I haven’t finished Super yet, but with 100 episodes in, I hoped it showed me much much more

  2. I miss the old Star Wars EU canon. It for sure had its ups and downs, but there was… alot… of it. And I had read almost all of it. The new Disney continuity is… fine… but I was so immersed in the old expanded universe that the new canon can’t help but still feel like an alternate reality to me.

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