There are a lot of evil twins in our favorite imaginary worlds, as well as a lot of dark mirrors, alternate-universe selves, time remnants and clones.  But the question of which is the top doppelgänger is a tough one.  Could it be Reverse-Flash?  Emerpus?  Excalibur’s Lightning Squad?  Old Man Logan?  Heck, it could even be Fake-rigo, whose absence from the MSP proves that he’s up to something, leading to today’s mirror universe query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is quite partial to the Squadron Supreme, an ersatz Justice League whose adventures presage those of the real JLA in multiple ways, asking: Which duplicate, double look-alike or other self is the top doppelgänger?


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  1. Apollo and The Midnighter are a team up of superman and batman that works better for me than superman and batman.

    Heck the reaction to being brought up to speed in the Wildstorm 23 was so much fun

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