One of the things that I enjoy about watching TV with my child is that her favorite programming, especially on Nickelodeon, still has theme songs and opening sequences.  ‘Sam & Cat’, for instance, had the best TV Intro in an old-school way, a song that evokes the sitcoms of the 70s with a clever modern twist, at a time when most network shows have eschewed the theme song concept entirely.  I sort of like the quickie stinger open of ‘How I Met Your Mother’, but miss the days where you had time to get a soda and some chips when ‘Love Boat’ came on, because the credits would take a good three minutes of screen time.  I understand WHY the change has taken place, and would rather have less opening sequence than less story, but it’s still hard not to lament it as a loss (if admittedly a minor one) which leads us to today’s expository query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is quite partial to the opening of ‘The Prisoner’, which was not just the show open, but also the first moments of the first episode and somehow also the last moments of the last episode (it’s complicated), askIng: What’s the BEST TV Intro of all time?


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  1. Malone_hasco on

    Oh, this is tough. Miami Vice, Knight Rider, MacGyver all come to mind. I will go with dark (pun intended) horse, Master. Its a ninja series with Lee van Cleef, Sho Kosugi and Timothy van Patten. Amazing intro, less amazing show.

  2. Lemmy Caution (@_Lemmy_Caution) on

    Green Acres had a great theme and in some of the episodes, the characters interacted with the credits. That or early Simpsons.

  3. I love TV intros, and there are tons of great ones that come to mind, but in the final analysis, that Game of Thrones intro is hard to beat. An amazing theme accompanying all those satisfying little gears and and clicks assembling the game piece versions of major Westeros and Esos locations. Add in the fact that the featured locations in the intro change to reflect the focus of each episode and it’s a pretty iconic sequence.

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