When I was young, I used to love coming home from school and checking out the adventures of the Transformers, G.I. Joe and lesser luminaries such as Jayce & the Wheeled Warriors.  (They were pretty awful.  Seriously, feel free to Google it.  I’ll wait…)  The fact that I could go to my local TG&Y and Duckwalls and purchase the plastic representations of my cartoon pals was, to my mind, nothing but a bonus.  These days, the things that entertain kids have a lot more scrutiny applied to them, with the expectation that there be some educational component involved, rather than just to sell toys.  At least I can comfort myself in knowing that kids like me who grew up wanting to buy Metroplex can get the Superman t-shirts, a replica Green Lantern rings or even their own sonic screwdrivers that I couldn’t, which in turn begs a query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) just realized that Kitty Pryde is on that ‘Secret Wars’ cover in my icon image, but NOT in the issue, asking:  What shows or films, seemingly designed just to sell toys, do you nonetheless love?


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