Waaaay back in 1974, former Marvel Comics publisher Martin Goodman joined forced with Stan Lee’s brother and a Warren Publishing editor named Jeff Rovin to launch a new line of comics designed to directly compete with Marvel.  Seaboard Periodicals, which published under the banner of Atlas Comics, put out some excellent books here and there, but several of their characters were a little bit TOO targeted towards bringing down the House of Ideas.  Goodman is rightfully recognized as a pioneer in creative rights, offering high page rates and returning artwork to the creators and recently some of their properties have been leveraged for big budget film adaptations, leading to today’s ripped-from-the-headlines query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) loves 70s Atlas and has an almost complete collection of their offerings, thanks to a comic shop in a nearby college town, asking: Be honest, we won’t judge: Have you ever heard of Atlas Comics?


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  1. Oh sure. I even remember buying them off the spinner racks. My favorites were Planet of Vampires, The Phoenix, The Destructor and Morlock: 2001.

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