The annals of pop culture are full of strange membership decisions: Namor was an X-Man.  The Phantom Stranger was in the JLA.  The Bat-Family welcomed a guy who turned his gauntlets into machine guns.  For me, though, even more than a decade later, it’s hard to think of Spider-Man as actually being an Avenger for real.  For some reason, I still think of Spidey as “not a joiner”, as the one who never fit in with the high-profile heroes, even though he’s now been a part of every major Marvel team in an official capacity, leading to today’s odd-man-out query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) also never cared for Namorita in the Fantastic Four, even though I love her as a character, asksing: What member of ANY fictional group always stands out to you as The One Who Never Fit?


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  1. Malone_hasco on

    Spider-Man definitely is one, so are Daredevil and Wolverine. None of them should be in Avengers, they are strong enough characters to be in their own solo and occasional team-up stories, or in X-Men in Wolverines case.

  2. Steve Cramer on

    Wait, the Phantom Stranger was in the JLA???

    Ghost Rider in the Champions in bright and sunny L.A.

    Dr. Strange in the Avengers (being in the Defenders was fine, especially having his house as the HQ and the flying horse hanging out in the back alley).

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