Thanks to Rodrigo’s review of ‘Mortal Kombat 11’ and a Facebook friend’s love of ‘The Golden Girls’, I had a particularly odd dream last night, as 80s sitcom stars battled it out in Shao Kahn’s Outworld arenas.  The Golden Girls did particularly well, as Rose is dull-witted but tough, like a Minnesota Hulk, Blanche is wiry and cunning and Sophia grew up in Sicily and will thus cut you.  As for Dorothy Zbornak, her prowess should be obvious from the fact that she ran that cantina in the Star Wars Holiday Special, leading to today’s traveling-down-the-road-and-back-again query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would totally choose Bea Arthur’s Dorothy, as she’s the Raiden of the group, asking: Which of the Golden Girls would you want by your side in a street fight?


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  1. Blanche Devereaux has spent most of her life blithely wandering in and out of flings and marriages. Which means she’s probably a veteran catfighter. What’s more, she’s still appreciably attractive so she must have won most of her fights.

    I’d take Blanche as my brawling +1 any day. I can’t count on her to watch my back necessarily, but at least I know the other side’s gonna get destroyed.

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