An accidental 25th anniversary viewing of ‘Star Trek: Generations’ recently brought back the trauma of witnessing the destruction of the Enterprise-D, the official starship of my college years.  A lovely beast, sort of like an outer space teacup (befitting its primary captain), the sleek, rounded lines of the ship are probably my favorite Enterprise.  Sure, I love the original, and even the later shoehorn design has its charms, but the D is the best Enterprise in my eyes, leading us to today’s boldly going query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would like to throw DS9 fans a bone, but Terek Nor is one ugly station, and the Defiant looks like an electric razor, asks: Which of the Star Trek Enterprises is the absolute BEST Enterprise?


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  1. The TNG Enterprise. It reminds me of a really nice early 90s Lexus. It’s got that nice upholstery everywhere, the touchscreens, earl gray hot whenever you want, whoopie goldberg chilling out in 10 forward when you need to drink and vent…

  2. For me it’s down to the E or the movie-refit version of the original and the A (since they’re basically the same)

  3. The Refit. Nothing beats seeing it cruise out of space dock to Jerry Goldsmith’s score.
    As a runner up, the C even though it was in 1 episode.

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