The newest season of Power Rangers has begun, once again resetting with a new team of kids in a new setting and new powers.  (Well, technically not *NEW*, as they’re not only adapting a season of Super Sentai, they’re actually jumping back about seven years to adapt a previously omitted season.)  It reminds me of the days when new seasons meant another big of dramatic gymnastics to explain how Tommy and the kids got yet another set of super-powers, suits and themes.  The days when Power Rangers was a continuing story are long gone, but should they be?  And more importantly, could they bring us to today’s Mighty Morphin’ query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is a fan of the Super Sentai theory of resetting every year, but occasionally having returning characters anyway, messing up the continuity but making for fun crossover madness, asking: Given a choice between a continuing story or a series that resets continuity with each new year, which would you prefer?


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  1. It’s a hard thing because it really depends on the writer and if that’s the same person. I think though I’d want a reset at some point. Overtime continuity gets too long and then certain things lose their importance.

  2. the James Bond type, it does a little of both with each movie, it both continues and resets. it takes the best parts of each Bond and “forgets” about the rest unless it becomes useful to the story.

    this way you can have a modern take tailored to the times. New viewers won’t feel left out and can start at any point. And history and a loose “cannon” exist but purely in service of the story allowing for interesting new viewpoints rather than getting bogged down by the restrictive nature of past events.

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