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A Great Indie OGN!

If you’re in the mood for something different, something unique, I highly recommend Dust Bunny!

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I’ve found myself attracted to comics featuring bunnies of all sorts these days. After all, I help with Stabbity Bunny, so when I saw a graphic novel called Dust Bunny, I just had to talk with its creator Brett Brooks at the recent River Region Comic Con.

I picked up this book at his booth, and it certainly was a delight to read! It’s just more proof that Indie comics are some of the most creative storytelling available today!

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Writer/Artist: Brett Brooks
Published by: Self-Published
Cover price: $20.00

SOLICITATION: Dust Bunny is the story of a law-enforcing rabbit and his partner, Mite. Sweeping the streets of Basement City for answers regarding a highly esteemed figurehead’s murder, Dust embarks on an investigation full of twists, turns, and eccentric characters. But following the killer’s tracks proves to be a dangerous path, as what begins as a black-and-white case quickly unravels into a conspiracy more threatening than anything Basement City has ever seen.


I’ve often said that I love a good mystery, and I also love sci-fi and fantasy, so Dust Bunny is perfect for me! It also fulfills that fantasy I had growing up that things in the basement of the home where I grew up were actually alive and had developed their own civilization. That’s where this 180-page OGN takes place—well, not in my home, but in a home found in the mind of Brett Brooks. He says this book is, “Law and Order meets Roger Rabbit.

There’s a splendid mix of the fantastic and the mundane, with characters that leap off the page, which is told in black and white and is appropriate to the story. You can’t breeze through this OGN since there’s dialogue critical to the story you have to read, and it’s all engrossing as can be!

It’s important to know that Dust (as he’s called in the story) actually is composed of dust and is held together by static electricity. He’s a member of the Basement City “police” force called the Sweep (appropriately enough), but he’s not one to always follow the rules. His ability to think outside the box is very helpful to him as a detective. He was raised by one of the Basement City community, something to keep in mind as you read the book.

His partner is Mite, an extremely small bug who can help by sneaking into rooms and checking out the landscape before the Sweep enter. He’s the techno-guy of the two, and he’s the smarter one as well.

Speaking of the Sweep, there are a lot of fun references in this book, including names of characters and locations as well as processes going on. I won’t spoil any more of them here, but they add a light touch on occasion to a dark story told in a dark place.

Many murder mystery tropes are weaved into the tale, and they make for a fun read. Colorful characters always help add to the suspect list, and the ones in Dust Bunny are great in that they blend the basement with the “real” world above.

In a mystery story like this one, the conclusion is critical. If it doesn’t make sense or doesn’t have plot points logically leading up to it, the book fizzles. Not with Dust Bunny! The end is satisfying and yet touching at the same time. Well done!


The use of the black-and-white format in Dust Bunny really accents the story. The various characters are easily determined from each other, and the action sequences shine even in the grimy basement. The art makes great use of the idea that the basement doesn’t want to be clean—instead, they fight against cleaning materials!

Much of the OGN is a smaller story, focusing on Dust’s origins and friends. But when the book shifts its attention to other happenings, the art doesn’t miss a beat! Gripping and engaging all the way!

BOTTOM LINE: A Terrific, Creative OGN

I always admire when a comics creator successfully engages in worldbuilding. After all, if you write for Marvel or DC, you know the universe everything’s taking place in. But if you have to start from scratch, well, that takes a lot of creativity and planning, and Dust Bunny shows how all that hard work truly pays off!

If you’re in the mood for something different, something unique, I highly recommend Dust Bunny!

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