Thanks to the magic of the internet, I finally got to see the four-week Super Sentai miniseries, ‘4 Week Continuous Special Super Sentai Strongest Battle!!’  If the title alone doesn’t grab ya, it focused on a makeshift Sentai team of three Reds, the Pink Ranger from ToQGer (that’s the train season, which you’ve no doubt seen the screengrabs of here and there) and the most recent Orange Ranger, all of whom want to win a tournament for one single magic wish.  It’s equal parts touching, goofy, melodramatic and fun, but it also makes me want to field my own Super Madness tournament.  Who will reign supreme?  (I don’t know, but I be it won’t be Supreme.)  Yes, folks, it’s bracket time, leading us to today’s competitive query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) thinks that a definite advantage is held by Captain Marvel or Green Lantern John Stewart, especially since Kryptonite is still a thing and Batman is still pretty squishy, asking: What single character would you pick to defeat all others in your Super Madness tournament?


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  1. Probably Kazuma Kiryu from Sega’s Yakuza games. Why? Because he’s the only fictional character who’s never lost a fight as far as I know.

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