Our Super Adventure: Press Start to BeginRead the comic that Huffington Post calls, “Delightfully weird,” and Travis McElroy of The Adventure Zone says has, “Great/cute/awesome art!” Oni Press is delighted to bring new comics from the beloved Sarah Graley (Rick and Morty™, Kim Reaper) your way. Fans of Kate Beaton and Sarah Andersen will absolutely love Our Super Adventure: Press Start to Begin, the first collection of the hit webcomic series, Our Super Adventure.

Eating too much pizza together. Smelling your cats. Figuring out how to spend your evening when the internet has suddenly stopped working. Relationships are full of sweet and quirky little moments! Sarah Graley’s first collection of the hit diary webcomic Our Super Adventure chronicles two years of these strange, relatable instances, as she navigates life with four cats and one cat-like boy. Whether it’s that feeling of getting the entire bed when your partner gets up before you, or the heartbreaking realisation that the love of your life has burned the microwave popcorn, Press Start To Begin documents all the weird little everyday flashes of shared absurdity that make up a relationship.

“I’ve been drawing and sharing Our Super Adventure strips online since 2012 about all the cute little everyday moments I have with my partner and our four cats,” said Sarah Graley. “We’ve had so many amazing conversations with people who tell us that they’ve experienced similar cute moments in their own relationships! Our Super Adventure: Press Start to Begin is a really sweet collection of personal comics that also holds up a mirror to the sweet dorky moments that we all seem to experience during everyday life with a loved one. I love working on this series—it’s so nice to share these weird little moments with the world.”

This new collection of adventures hits shelves March 27th. Additionally, Sarah Graley will be in attendance at Emerald City Comic Con, March 14th-17th.

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