Robots vs. Princesses #4


When all is said and done, Robots Versus Princesses delivers almost exactly what you’d expect of it. It’s a fun concept. The art delivers. The characters are likable, in so far as we get to know them. There’s not really anything new or innovative here, and no real surprises, but that does make it a comfortable story.

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It’s all about friends – now that the princesses have Ultimus and the Centurions on their side, and Wheeler, and mecha-suits of their own, can they finally take on Tyrannis?

Robots vs. Princesses #4ROBOTS VERSUS PRINCESSES #4

Writer: Todd Matthy
Artist: Nicolas Chapuis
Letterer: Sean Rinehart
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 30, 2019

Previously in Robots Versus Princesses: The Princesses are attacked by the evil Decimators, but another group of robots, the Centurions, join the fight on their side. The Decimators have captured the King and Queen. We finally get some history and learn what’s going on. In the past, a fellow named Worlorn built robots to protect the five kingdoms of Harmonia. Instead, the kingdoms decided to go to war with each other, and built more robots. Out of this arose Tyrannis, the evil robot overlord. Worlorn created Ultimus and the Centurions. After the ensuing war, Worlorn raised the Forbidden Woods to separate humans from robots forever. Then the Princesses find robot suits, and everyone goes charging into battle.


Robots Versus Princesses #4 begins in the thick of things – Zara is punching out Decimators in her mecha-suit while Wheeler fights by her side. Penelope and Gunnar are also a team, and Penelope learns that one of her arms can turn into a flame cannon. In fact, much of this battle is about the Princesses learning about the things their suits can do. Finally, Ultimus organizes everyone, and then Tyrannis shows up. He and Ultimus fly off to do battle, and Princess Artelia chases after them.

It’s a big fight, and at the center is also the battle between optimism and cynicism. Optimus believes that humans can learn from their mistakes and can learn to work with robots; Tyrannis believes humans will always see robots as tools. Artelia arrives, and on behalf of her country, sentences Tyrannis to death and attacks him, but he crushes her robot suit. As Ultimus goes to her aid, Tyrannis attacks him.

Then Wheeler shows up and attacks Tyrannis. This book is really pretty much all one big fight, but it plays out pretty well. Tyrannis knocks Wheeler down, and then Zara shows up. She’s the center of our story, and plainly this is the pinnacle of the fight. Tyrannis takes out her robot suit as well, but she receives a message from Worlorn himself who tells her to touch his crown jewel, and then he vanishes.

Zara figures out where the crown jewel must be and leaps onto Tyrannis. The Princesses sing their magical song, and birds appear to help carry her up to Tyrannis’ chest, where she kicks the crown jewel. Tyrannis’ arms and legs separate from his body and go flying off in different directions.

But his head and body remain. Artelia wants to take him to her kingdom to face justice. Ultimus wants to take him to his people for the same. Zara feels that the only person who could judge him fairly would be…Worlorn.

The Kingdoms are saved, life returns to normal, everyone gets some rest after saving the day. The Queen thinks Zara’s plan is crazy. But Wheeler and Ultimus are willing to go along and protect her. And of course, the other Princesses think it would be fun to go along on this new quest.

The logic is a bit goofy at times, but this is not an intellectual book. It is a fun book, and it’s about friendship and working together. And it’s about having a robot slug-a-thon. It’s a cute story and I do like that the robots and princesses are all friends by the end.


Not only is the story cute in Robots Versus Princesses #4, but so is the art. We jump right into the action, and there are moments where it’s a little hard to keep track of who is who and just what is going on. We get to see about one main thing each robot suit does before it gets destroyed, or before the scene changes to another part of the fight, so it is also a little hectic.

Tyrannis looks huge and terrifying, especially with his spiky suit and flaming sword. The battle between him and Ultimus is dramatic, although Tyrannis’ sword does change into an axe at some point. The fight is full of sound effects. I appreciate that the princesses don’t just die when they’re knocked out of the robot suits. Everyone has their heroic moment as well. Just how the other princesses know they’re supposed to sing the magical song is a big unclear, since this big fight is so far away from the town they started in, but I guess they’re magical princesses.


When all is said and done, Robots Versus Princesses delivers almost exactly what you’d expect of it. It’s a fun concept. The art delivers. The characters are likeable, in so far as we get to know them. There’s not really anything new or innovative here, and no real surprises, but that does make it a comfortable story.

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