The big secret of the MS-QOTD is that it’s often about what’s on my mind at the time of writing and right now, I am craving a huge chili dog.  Sadly, the hot dog restaurant that sold the massive peanut-butter-and-banana dog has closed due to unpaid taxes and my stomach likely wouldn’t be up to a mass of beef and salt, but I’m still wishing I could hit the local Sonic drive-in for one with mustard, onions and chili, leading to today’s pork shoulder and chicken shavings query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) will allow for tofu dogs or grilled carrots for the vegans and vegetarian among us, but no arguing whether it’s a sammich or not, asking: Whaddaya want on YOUR hot dog?


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  1. There used to be this place on Main Street that served Vienna Beef hotdogs. My favorite was mustard, cheese and onions.

  2. I’m definitely always in the mood for a Costco hot dog with mustard. It’s just a great classic pairing there.

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