Thanks to her adoption of my still-working N64 (the clear purple one, in case you want to be jealous), my fourteen-year-old daughter has been enjoying a real Retro Gaming Experience.  She’s really enjoying herself, and for some reason is repeating memes about Sonic, who isn’t even a Nintendo character, but I don’t try to understand the teenage mind.  Of course, she can’t play all the stupid games I used to love, like ‘Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX’ or whatever Donkey Kong game it was had the weird barrel cannon thingies, nor can she enjoy the feeling I got when the giant Super Pac-Man arrived to wreck the ghosts back in ’83, leading to today’s 8-bit query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) sometimes really misses that Mirra game, especially the soundtrack, which introduced me to Sublime, asking: What Retro Gaming Experience would have you throwing down your money the fastest?


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  1. The wife bought me an arcade table a few years ago (before MAME became a big deal), and I can play close to 100 old school arcade games. So, Galaga, Pac, and Donkey Kong are my faves. I’m still looking for a reasonably prized TMNT and Gauntlet arcade systems.

  2. I still have my 80’s and 90’s systems in working order and play them regularly. What I would like to own is a classic arcade cabinet, like Donkey Kong or Pac Man with original circuit board.

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