The Bettie Page series has been well received to the point that Dynamite Entertainment has announced a new series launching in April 2019.

Welcome to Bettie Page: Unbound aka the Crisis on Infinite Betties! The Lovecraftian Great Old One Yog-Sothoth has established himself as an inter-dimensional archnemesis for everyone’s favorite super model/spy (see the fan favorite Bettie Page Halloween Special!). The monstrous being is opening a dimensional gate to kick off an invasion of Earth, collapsing reality itself in the process. Bettie takes the initiative, as always, to run right into the eye of the storm. Suddenly she finds herself a barbarian queen in the ancient past and will stumble into other multiversal freaky Friday situations. Every Bettie Page issue to this point has been leading to this epic climax.

David Avallone will write the series with Julius Ohta on art, Ellie Wright providing colors, and Taylor Esposito on letters.

“I never imagined going quite this ‘big’ with Bettie… but this ‘Crisis’ idea sounded like so much fun, I really wanted to write it,” said Avallone. “Having passed that hurdle, my first question was… do I get to keep my amazing team? And the answer, thankfully, was yes.”

Proceeding to gush over his team, Avallone said, “Julius Ohta is a dream collaborator: he has a true gift for likeness (his Bettie IS Bettie), a great sense of pace and drama, and he shares my obsession with period detail, costumes, props, settings, etc. On top of all that, the art itself is, objectively, beautiful to look at. Colorist Ellie Wright is relatively new, but I think her work on Bettie so far demonstrates world-class talent and if she’s this good so early in her career I can’t even imagine how astonishing she’ll be down the road. Taylor Esposito is – to quote Warren Ellis just the other day – ‘one of the best letterers of his generation’ – and I couldn’t agree more. Who am I to argue with Warren?”

via Dynamite Entertainment


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