In the town of Riverdale, you see the culmination of Americana. Friday night lights, responsible teens, malts and burgers at Pop’s, everything you know and love. It’s a veritable dream. But under that dream lies a nightmare, one which could signal the end of all. Find out more in Blossoms 666 from Archie Comics.

Blossoms 666 #1 ReviewBLOSSOMS 666 #1

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Laura Braga
Colors: Matt Herms
Letters: Jack Morelli
Cover: Laura Braga, Joe Eisma, Francesco Francavilla,
Robert Hack, Vic Malhorta
Publisher:  Archie Comics
Release Date: January 23rd, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in BLOSSOMS 666: Archie Comics, long known for the wholesome and kid-friendly comics you could always count on for a touch of light comedy, took a turn in 2013 when they released AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE, detailing a zombie outbreak in the sleepy little town of Riverdale. Later came CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA, which gave a dark, nihilistic feel to the bubbly teen-witch and later spawned a Netflix series of the same name. A werewolf themed book called JUGHEAD: THE HUNGER, followed, and the inevitable VAMPIRONICA. Now we get another installment of dark horror with BLOSSOMS 666, starring the red-haired Blossom twins, Jason and Cheryl.


It’s an average day at Riverdale High, and the halls are abuzz with news of a big party being thrown by the Blossom twins, Jason and Cheryl. Plans are being made as it looks like everyone at the school will be attending. But in one corridor, diligent Dilton Dibley is being confronted by Reggie Mantel, his very own, personal bully. Reggie revels in making Dilton cringe, and is in full force today until help arrives from an unexpected corner. Cheryl Blossom, she of the flaming hair and unlimited credit, stops Reggie’s little morning routine and comes to Dilton’s aid. As Reggie tries to bluff his way out of an embarrassing situation, Cheryl dismisses him, focusing on the school mega-bookworm, Dilton. She tells him he should fight back, but Dilton knows that he would be decimated. When Cheryl tells him how much a woman likes it when a man stands up for himself, you can see the seeds of doubt being planted in the young teens head.

In another part of the school, Jughead Jones stands before Miss Grundy and begs for a second chance. His term paper, half of his grade, has not been turned in. His laptop locked up, he says. Might as well told me your dog ate it, she says. Things do not look good for Jughead, Grundy has laid a hard line, and she will not accept the paper late. Aware of the situation, the handsome Jason Blossom arrives. He tells Grundy that he knows Jughead wrote the paper, and that he even saw it. Grundy, blushing at the fair and near flirtatious words which Jason plies her with, reverses her edict, allowing Jughead to turn the paper in within a week. Outside Jughead confronts Jason, asking why he lied for him. “Let’s just say you owe me one.” He tells Jughead, and proceeds to leave, he and his sister have a party to prepare for.

As Jason and Cheryl leave school for the day, they discuss what seems to be a contest they have going. It sounds like your average sibling rivalry situation, and when they arrive home they continue to discuss it and make plans for the party. As they go to find their parents, we see their dark secret, their parents’ worship the dark forces, and the Blossom twins are a big part of their ultimate plan to bring the darkness to the world. You see, one of the Blossom twins is the Anti-Christ, they just are not sure which one.

Should make for an interesting pool party, right?


Writer Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gunn, X-Men: Blue) brings us this dark tale of heredity and horror. I’ve raved about Bunn’s writing before, he seems to be one of the most prolific writers in comics today, and his constant ability to deliver high-quality stories. Blossoms 666 is no exception. It starts like you might expect any one of the new Archie series to start, and then takes a dark turn, and then gouges your eyes out for total darkness as it brings a beloved character to a life-changing choice. Temptation is the name of the game, with an expansion set of corruption. Bunn writes the characters so well their dialogue just flows effortlessly. The shocking nature of their secret clashes with the wholesome(ish) image of Riverdale and its inhabitants so shockingly that you cannot help but want to see what happens next.

Laura Braga (Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica, Witchblade) has a versatile style which she can use for far-flung fantasy as well as good wholesome small-town life with a dark shade. Braga’s anatomy is on point and her panel design and flow work well to the story. In short, great art.


As with many of the Archie Horror line, this book takes your wholesome, much loved archetypical characters and turns their lives on their heads. I honestly did not ever think of Jason and Cheryl as the possible Anti-Christ, but now that it has been written, it works so well. Overall it is a great story with some disturbing aspects, which is just what the beginning of a good horror story should deliver.

BLOSSOMS 666 is destined to be on your pull list, you just don’t know it yet.

Blossoms 666 #1

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BLOSSOMS 666 is destined to be on your pull list, you just don’t know it yet.

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