With the Stan and Ollie movie getting a lot of acclaim, it makes sense that interest in the comedy duo would be on the rise. American Mythology Productions has just announced a new Laurel and Hardy comic coming our way in April.

Laural and Hardy

There are few names in the history of comedy which have stood the test of time. Acts who transcend age and bring laughter to generations like few have before or after them. They have been recognized as a template for modern humor and celebrated by today’s most popular funnymen and women alike. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were the pinnacle of comedic genius for their time.

American Mythology Productions has tapped S. A. Check, and Jordan Gershowitz to write the series with Jorge Pacheco to provide the art.

“Sometimes you just get lucky,” said book artist Pacheco in a press release. “My step father brought a comic book home for me. It was a monster book with art by Jack Kirby & Steve Ditko. How was I supposed to know, my first exposure to comics was drawn by probably the two greatest comic book artists ever? Then, one day, I was channel surfing on TV when I came across this “chubby guy & his goofy friend”. I watched it and was immediately hooked. Little did I know, I was watching the greatest comedic duo ever, Laurel & Hardy. Again, I got lucky. So, throughout childhood, I read comics, watched monster shows & the great Laurel & Hardy movies on a mini movie projector my mother had bought me until the films were nothing but tatters. Recently, my good friends at American Mythology asked if I’d like to be an artist on a new project for the publisher. I was excited & asked what book? He said Laurel & Hardy. Sometimes, luck is a wonderful thing. I hope you all enjoy the comedic duo’s antics half as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing L&H to life in these comic pages!”

“It’s a rare occasion for a writer to contribute in celebrating two comedic geniuses like Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy,” said writer S.A. Check. “When I learned American Mythology had a shot at working with Larry Harmon Pictures to bring the comedy of these two larger than life icons back to fans, I was the first in line to have a shot at working on the book. One of my favorite parts of the process has been delving back into the skits and movies and numerous articles written about the comedians, and remembering why so many fans continue to hold their work in such high regard. I’m very proud of my work on the project, and I only hope I managed to bring a fraction of the magic they shared on the stage and screen back to fans.”

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