The rules are clear: A Green Lantern must be fearless and they must be honest.  It also helps if you have a great head of hair, but that’s optional.  For my money, the best candidate for potential Green Lantern membership is one Professor Roy Hinkley, a scout-master and science teacher who singlehandedly kept seven people alive on a remote island for fifteen years, even though one of them is a walking disaster area.  Facing down mystic threats, existential angst and sixties stereotyping with equal aplomb and somehow keeping a white shirt white year after year under grueling island conditions, he clearly has the right stuff, leading to today’s brightest day query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) could also make a case for Jim Rockford, if you’re not too strict about what “honest” means, asking: What fictional character would make the best potential Green Lantern?


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