For all my complaints about ‘Doomsday Clock’, I have to say that Gary Frank’s Man of Steel looking eerily like Christopher Reeve is always enjoyable for me.  Of course, since it’s a Frank joint, he has huge crazy eyes all the time, negating a lot of the appeal, but at least Mister Kent tends to be the least crazy-eyed, so that’s a consolation.  Phil Jiminez also delivers an amazing Supes (without the Jack Elam overtones) and being an 80s baby, I have to say I like John Byrne’s take as well.  Of course, I somehow managed to develop an appreciation for the old-school, barrel-chested Al Plastino Supesrman from the fifties as well, making the question of the Best Superman a tough one, leading to today’s Kryptonian query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is a Curt Swan man, though I see the appeal of Dan Jurgens, as long as he’s not writing, asking: Who, in your opinion, draws the BEST Superman?


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  1. leaving Bruce Timm out of the equation, since those animated series designs seem to be universally loved, I’ve always been partial to the Byrne Man of Steel ’86 Supes (my introduction to Superman as a kid), but also the Garcia-Lopez “DC style guide” design, and weirdly enough, the Frank Quitely version from All Star Superman. to me, there’s a “big, barrel-chested circus strongman” quality to Quitely’s design that also doesn’t necessarily mean that Supes (and Clark) isn’t totally ripped and well-defined. we’ll leave the gymrat body type to Bats, Supes is a corn-fed farmboy.

  2. Always go for the classics. Curt Swan. … followed by Byrne. I have always had a soft spot for 1986’s Man of Steel.

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