Young Justice is a great comic as well as a great animated show. I’m partial to the comic, of course, because it often takes us when we fans have not gone before!

Thursday and Friday of last week, DC Universe released a two-part story that was full of energy and pathos, with lots of great interaction and a solution that I really enjoyed!

Young Justice: Outsiders (DC Universe Exclusive)YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS (DC Universe Exclusive)

Writer: Greg Weisman
Artist & Colorist: Christopher Jones
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Published by: DC Universe
Cover price: membership in DC Universe

SOLICITATION: As Superboy and Miss Martian prepare for a new mission, the tension in their relationship affects the team. But with Psimon on the loose, they MUST pull it together!


Young Justice focuses on many of the teen superheroes from DC, including several probably best known from Titans and the associated groups.

One of the most interesting things about this comic is that they don’t leave things in a new status quo for long. For instance, Aqualad was the leader since Robin was too young. However, it wasn’t long before Dick Grayson was in charge. Look for more changes in future books.

I also adore the writing on this version of Young Justice. It’s chock full of surprises, with twists and turns galore. If you think you know where they’re going, stay strapped into your seat because you haven’t seen anything yet!

These digital exclusive comics look at the evolution of the Superboy/Miss Martian relationship. Usually in comics, when a pair breaks up, it’s over forever. However, that may not be the case with this duo, as shown in both digital parts.

When Psimon is discovered in the U.S., the Alpha Team must try to locate and stop him. Granted, Miss Martian had put him in a coma previously, so there is some trepidation about her being able to restrain from doing that again.

Beast Boy and Miss. Martian come across an actress who knew their mother before she passed, and it sets the stage for Psimon to propel them into the sitcom Hello, Megan! Their mother starred in the series, and it holds a lot of significance for Ms. Martian. As long as she believes they’re in the show, several members of the team are stuck there with her.

As is often the case in these comics, the solution is not found in punching, kicking or superpowers. It’s in relationships, and things resolve in a tender and satisfying way.

The plotting and characters are as intricate and interesting as they have been previously, so I loved diving back into Young Justice!


Of course, putting Mr. Jones on the art is just brilliant, and the illustrations are dynamic and feature great emotion at the same time. It’s a simpler kind of drawing, but it never feels too elementary.

Also, the likenesses of the characters are strong and fit them well, which is something not every comic based on a TV show or movie can say. Add this to the action sequences, and these parts are very well done!

BOTTOM LINE: We Need an Ongoing ‘Young Justice’ Comic!

Honestly, I can never get enough of this Young Justice, loving it when the “original series” came out from DC! I know, I know—Mr. Bendis has a version of this group on the way, but I think this show deserves its own comic as well!

If you have seen the show or if you haven’t, this comic will pull you in and make you relate to the characters! Highly recommended!

Young Justice: Outsiders Parts 1 & 2

Much Like the Show!

Honestly, I can never get enough of this Young Justice, loving it when the "original series" came out from DC! I know, I know—Mr. Bendis has a version of this group on the way, but I think this show deserves its own comic as well!

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