The Terrifics are no more!  So…  Why do we have a new issue, again?  Your Major Spoilers review of The Terrifics #11 awaits!


Writer: Jeff Lemire
Penciler: Viktor Bogdanovic
Inker: Bogdanovic & Jonathan Glapion
Colorist: Michael Spicer
Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Editor: Marie Javins
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 2, 2019

Previously in The Terrifics:  The team has called it quits and gone their separate ways…  with less-than-terrific results.  Plastic Man meets his estranged wife and son, now developing his own plastic powers; Metamorpho is still stuck in his human form as Rex Mason, unemployed, unqualified and going broke; Phantom Girl’s stuck in an arranged marriage back on her homeworld of Bgztl; and Mr. Terrific hunts the escaped Doc Dread, who travels the Multiverse collecting alternate Mr. Terrifics for murder-sport.

That’s bad.


Finally free of their Dark Universe-driven bond, the members of The Terrifics have gone their separate ways.  As this issue opens, Mr. Terrific is tracking down Doc Dread (aka Java, the Cro-Magnon bodyguard of Simon Stagg), but first, he must rebuild his dimension-hopping T-sphere.  There’s a moment of terrible suspense as he almost calls together the team, but then decides that he “works better alone.”  As for Plastic Man, he has returned to Gotham City to find his ex, Angel, and their son Luke.  Sadly, his extended absence has soured both mother and son against their once-paterfamilias, leading to a heart-breaking rejection.  Worse still, Luke uses his own stretchy powers to literally throw Daddy dearest out of their home, leaving Plas in a puddle in the hall.  For his part, Rex “Metamorpho” Mason is probably overqualified for a number of jobs, but his lack of licensing, experience or easily definable work skills makes for stress in his marriage and his search for a job.  And poor Phantom Girl has returned home to Bgztl, dressed up like a strawberry shortcake (the dessert, not the dolly) and informed that the search is on…  for her new husband!


The final page of Terrifics #11, wherein Doc Dread returns to show off the fruits of his multiversal travel is a strong one that holds out great hope for me that the team will be brought back together soon, and it’s great to have that sort of worry about these imaginary characters.  As the other ‘New Age of DC Heroes’ books fall to cancellation, I get more and more worried that this book will also get the axe, so I’m glad to find that Lemire’s plotting is still engaging and exciting in this issue.  Luke’s rejection of Papa Plas is utterly heartbreaking stuff, and the revelation that the Earth-23 Mr. Terrific is actually the Earth-0 version’s late wife is delivered as a gut-punch reveal.  I’m less thrilled with Bogdanovich’s art than the story, though, as everyone has very narrow faces and spindly limbs (and also because Plastic Man’s trademark goggles are drawn as sunglasses throughout the issue.)  Even with the unusual anatomy, though, there is a lot of expression to be had in the work and the visuals are aided by a really good coloring job by Michael Spicer.


In short, The Terrifics #11 is another good issue in a series thereof, and even some problems with the art don’t undermine the reading experience, giving us some excellent drama on four different fronts, setting up the big threat that will force our team of misfits back together and what may be the first post-Flashpoint appearance of Offspring, earning a better-than-average 4 out of 5 stars overall.  I’m waiting not entirely patiently for the team to reform, even though the story makes it clear that Rex doesn’t really want to be Metamorpho again.  That itself is an impressive feat.

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A Good Middle Chapter

Even with occasionally wobbly art, this issue delivers on the drama and some pretty important reveals. Plus: The Dreadfuls have arrived!

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