Adrienne’s grand adventure isn’t turning out quite as she expected and Tempest and Kira are seriously injured. What new mysteries arise in Princeless?

Princeless: Find Yourself #3PRINCELESS: FIND YOURSELF #3

Writer: Jeremy Whitley
Artist: Emily Martin
Colorist: Brett Grunig
Letterer: Brett Grunig
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 2, 2019

Previously in Princeless: Find Yourself: King Valmar explains to Prince Wilcome about the War of Succession, when Devin’s grandfather became King. Valmar plans to take it all back, and Wilcome professes to be on his side. He then steals some bandages and finds his way to where Devin and Tempest are being held. Kira arrives shortly and prepares to break them out and get them out of town, while Wilcome explains he plans to remain and be a spy. Kira is injured in the escape, and an older couple and Noni help then to get away. Meanwhile, Princess Adrienne awakens in Alize’s city, which is rich in technology. The sisters catch up with each other, and Adrienne learns that Alize is now married to Prince Ammar


Princeless:  Find Yourself #3 opens with Adrienne adjusting to the fact that her sister is married. This is apparently not what she was expecting. But Alize is happy. And Ammar rescued her from the Sphinx, who is still sitting in town. Adrienne is fascinated by the Sphinx, but Alize eagerly drags her off to show her the workshop.

Meanwhile, Noni brings Kira into the old lady’s home and sets her on a table, as Devin comes in with the limping Tempest. The woman gives herbs to Noni and Devin and orders them to chew them – they need to be chewed before she can use them. This is quite the trial, as the leaves apparently terrible. But they are stubborn and persist.

In Alize’s workshop, she is having a field day showing off. This is huge fun, not to mention imaginative. She demonstrates some of her inventions, such as a mechanical fish that tunnels through the ground and searches for water. Another one (that I could really get behind) is a dress – a princess dress, of course, that, at the push of a button converts into more practical pants. Adrienne gets a chance to try out the lightning gun, but then the alarms go off.

Finally, the herb chewing is done. The woman bandages Kira’s wounds and they hope it will work. But Kira starts coughing and can’t breathe, and the healer fears that she’s gone. Not if Tempest can help it! She has healing magic, which Kira may not approve of, but it will save her life. She does it – but it costs her, and she collapses.

Alize and Ammar race out of the city and find the problem – a break in a water line, high up. Ammar goes to shut down the furnace; Alize takes this as an opportunity to use a new prototype. Adrienne is eager to help, but there’s nothing for her to do. Alize’s prototype? A jetpack! As she soars up, the Sphinx calls to Adrienne. She knows Adrienne is dying to speak with her, and coaxes her to talk. This is the meat of the issue. Adrienne feels like she doesn’t know what she’s doing. She set out to rescue her sisters, and on her journey, she has found how that they haven’t really needed rescuing. But now that she’s already burned her bridges, she doesn’t know what she should be doing. While the Sphinx may know all the answers, she is also wise and knows that answers are not necessarily helpful. But she proposes that she can give Adrienne a new question which will help her find her answers. After she does so, the Black Knight shows up, and Adrienne runs off to get her armor.

At the healer’s house, there is a knock on the door – soldiers! The healer sends all the young people down to the basement. It’s dark, and Devin lights a lantern, which throws light on a portrait of him in full princely regalia. What does this mean?


The characters in Princeless: Find Yourself #3 are mainly young people, and they are so expressive. Right from the start, Adrienne is skeptical of Ammar, and it is transparent. He, on the other hand, is nervous and wants to make a good impression. And Alize is just excited and wants to show her sister everything.

Alize’s city has a steampunk vibe going, which is really cool. Her workshop is full of tools and devices. The mechanical fish is fanciful and fun, and I really like the design of the dress that converts to working clothes. The dress is divided in panels, and the panel dividing lines appear on the other outfit as well to really reinforce this idea that it’s the same garment.

Tempest working magic looks properly mystical. Her hair is green, and when she works her magic, she is enveloped in a greenish aura as well. Her magic looks like it’s a big deal, and it does exhaust her. I like this touch, where magic takes effort and we can see that effort.

And I have to say a few words about the Sphinx. I really like her design. She looks like a plausible, if gigantic, creature. She sits upright, which makes her look noble. Her face is lovely and a bit otherworldly, as befitting a Sphinx.


Adrienne’s uncertainties in Princeless: Find Yourself #3 are a solid metaphor for growing up. And to be frank, they’re also a metaphor for life in general. The world this is set in is interesting, and as always, I like the idea of princesses who aren’t patient with waiting around and who are willing to act.

Princeless: Find Yourself #3

A Fun Issue

Adrienne’s uncertainties in Princeless: Find Yourself #3 are a solid metaphor for growing up. And to be frank, they’re also a metaphor for life in general. The world this is set in is interesting, and as always, I like the idea of princesses who aren’t patient with waiting around and who are willing to act.

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