Since 1963, the various students of Charles Xavier have been swannin’ about in costumes of various sartorial excellence and trying to set the expectation that mutants and humans can coexist peacefully.  But for every ‘Days of Future Past’, there is an ‘X-Cutioner’s Song’, a story that’s not only hard to follow but grammatically appalling.  Still, the question of which is the WORST X-Men story is a tough one, just by sheer volume.  That time they were all X-Babies?  Nightcrawler dating his sister?  Manhattan transformed into Conan’s stomping grounds?  Actually, that last one is and was incredibly awesome, which proves how hard this one is but still leads us to today’s chromosomal query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has always kind of hated ‘The Twelve’, but thinks that the only possible answer is ‘The Draco’, asking: Which chapter in the mutant saga is the Worst X-Men Story of them all?


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  1. I’m kind of torn. It’s probably the one with green shape changing alien disrupting softball game with Tom Selleck on the last page. That story might also be one of the best.

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