Though it had a wobbly first season, ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ has slowly grown into the most consistent (and consistently funny) of the DC CW roster.  Combining the great ensemble casting of ‘The Flash’ with the wit of ‘Supergirl’ and the drama of ‘Arrow’, the best part of the show is the evolving roster.  Captain Cold?  Check!  The character formerly known as Isis?  Check!  Kid Flash, Firestorm, even Constantine himself?  Checkity check check, making every season essentially a whole new Legends of Tomorrow and leading to today’s team tryouts query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would love to see Black Vulcan, Samurai or El Dorado take a modern bow and this is just the place to do it, asking: What DC character of any era or Earth would you want to see in live-action, joining up with the new Legends of Tomorrow?


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  1. they’ve touched on the JSA a few times, but i’d love to see a Golden Age, trenchcoat and gas mask, Wesley Dodds Sandman. i don’t think they included him in the JSA episodes i saw, but having him be this terrifying gritty pulp character, but then take off the mask and be this nebbishy 1940’s dude would be great to see playing off the team. you can just imagine Heatwave saying “i liked him better with the mask on” or something.

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