Circa 2010, when my daughter was around first grade age, she was really into the nonsense of ‘iCarly’, one of Nickelodeon’s bizarre Dan Schneider sitcoms fully of inappropriate humor and implied violence and stuff.  At the time, she really hated his other show, ‘Victorious’, and found it a pale knockoff.  Now, we’ve rediscovered TeenNick reruns, and somehow we’re both finding ‘Victorious’ hilarious and complex and ‘iCarly’ flat and predictable, making me wonder how the show “got better” in the ensuing 8 years.  Clearly it’s not a question of her tastes changing, because that’s just crazy talk, leading to today’s Sikowitzian query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) got hooked by the ‘Breakfast Club’ pastiche, which was layered, nuanced and remarkably funny, askomg: What shows, books, films or games have gotten better as you have gotten older?


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