Quincredible #1 Review

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Gifted a power by the recent meteor shower which hit New Orleans, high school sophomore Quin received abilities beyond anything he had even known. Now he has to figure out what to do: help others, or hide his abilities? Quin’s journey starts in Quincredible #1 from Lion Forge, on comic store shelves November 28th.

Quincredible #1 ReviewQUINCREDIBLE #1

Writer: Rodney Barnes
Artist: Kelly Fitzpatrick, Selina Espiritu
Cover: Michelle Wong
Publisher:  Lion Forge
Release Date: November 28, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in QUINCREDIBLE: Some time after Hurricane Katrina, there was another calamity which struck New Orleans. A meteor shower, one which had wide-ranging effects over the planet Earth, nearly destroyed some parishes in New Orleans. But not only did the event bring devastation, it also ushered in the superhero era Lion Forge refers to as Catalyst Prime. Young Quin is a survivor of that calamity, as well as a recipient of some of its power.


Quin sits in his room trying to figure out how he is going to make a home defense system to protect his family from the criminals who roam his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana, and at the same time tries to figure out just where he fits into the grand scheme of things. As he tells his father, he doesn’t really have any friends and wonders when he will feel like he fits in. His father tells him, “You’ll find your own tribe, Quin.” before allowing the youngster to leave to attend an event in which famed community organizer Dr. Davis will be speaking. Quin’s mother, not happy with his leaving and not letting her know, feels that he is chasing after a young girl. But Quin assures her the rally is completely about the community, the fact a classmate Brittany will be there is secondary. It isn’t long after they end their phone conversation that Quin is confronted by neighborhood bullies and thugs, who take offense at him walking down their street. As a warning, they serve him a heaping plate of beat down and with a side of steal your headphones. Despite having the dog kicked out of him by three much older guys, Quin is alright. You see, Quin was a victim of the meteor shower and it imposed upon him super invulnerability. No matter how hard they try, the thugs can’t really hurt him, at least not physically. Mentally is another story.

Arriving at the rally, Quinn is just in time to hear Dr. Davis speak, but not before his friend Brittany berates him for being late. But when the superhero Noble arrives, Quin is all ears. His admiration for Noble is evident, but shortly after Noble speaks he is called away. That is when the police arrive, seemingly intent on dispersing the peaceful rally, by any means necessary. The violence which follows will test not only Quin’s emerging powers but his own resolve and the decisions he has made. When another hero code name Glow becomes involved, Quin’s life is headed toward a definite change.


Quincredible is a new title from Lion Forge, which is being printed under their teen imprint Roar. It ties into the Catalyst Prime universe of superhero titles and provides a good starting point for anyone who is interested in a fresh new superhero line to explore. Screenwriter, producer and comic scribe Rodney Barnes (Falcon, Star Wars: Lando: Double or Nothing) brings an honest voice to the character of Quinn and uses real world and in-universe events to make it clear that some decisions are not a clear-cut as people want to think they are. Although Quin wants to become a superhero, it doesn’t seem real to him until later in the issue, when the hero Glow confronts him and asks directly what his plans are. It is something that lots of kids have to deal with; they may have the abilities and smarts to make something of themselves, but the concept seems so daunting it is almost impossible to contemplate. Quin struggles with those real-world challenges, as well as the superhero challenges, in a believable way. By dropping in two more established heroes from the Lion Forge titles we form an instant connection to the world at large, something which is important when trying to court new readers. Barnes has some great work here and I look forward to seeing more of the character.

On art duties are Kelly Fitzpatrick (Gotham City Garage, Archie) and Selina Espiritu (Brave Chef Brianna, WWE: Summerslam 2017 Special). They succeed in bringing a clean, fresh style to the book. It has a consistent continuity and a smooth look which is bright and enjoyable. This is a style easy on the eyes, thus making the enjoyment of the story all the much more satisfying.


There are lots of teen heroes out there, many of them blending in with their legacy origins or deep heritage of history. Quin is finding his place in a more unique world, with little to no previous baggage. It gives him an opportunity to have an origin and introduction which is free of expectations. The character is fresh and feels good and I want to see what is coming next from this team of creators.

QUINCREDIBLE #1 is a great first issue. It lays it all down for you and lets the character grow organically while giving you strings to explore the large superhero universe.

Qincredible #1

Not Your Average Hero

QUINCREDIBLE #1 is a great first issue. It lays it all down for you and lets the character grow organically, while giving you strings to explore the large superhero universe.

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