With the end of the current Transformers universe, I’ve been spending some time delving into the back issues and/or the summaries at TFWiki.  Having been around at the dawn of Transformers back in ’82, I’ve had a lot of interactions with our transmogrifying alien robit pals, and I gotta tell ya: Some of them are pretty neat.  My favorite Transformer for many years now has been the mighty Omega Supreme, who makes not a lick of sense in concept or execution, but is somehow still amazing.  There’s also probably some sort of study to be done on the question of why my favorite characters tend to be among the largest ones, but either way, it leads us to today’s Iaconian query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) reminds Faithful Spoilerites that “None Of The Above” is generally not an option for the MS-QOTD, asking: Who is YOUR favorite Transformer?


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  1. From G1 it is a tossup between Soundwave and Wheeljack. I loved the cassette bot concept and Wheeljack’s “mad scientist” vibe.

    In terms of the toys, I think I’ve got more versions of Grimlock than I care to count, even the potato head one.

    And from the IDW run, I gotta go with Rung, the six year mystery that I did NOT see coming.

  2. Devastator for me. Robots that smoosh together into a bigger robot is a rad thing, and I had a lot of fun turning my Constructicons into Devastator (although, looking back, the way they connected was kind of a wobbly mess. lol)

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