Knights of the Golden Sun #1 Review

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Mad Cave Studios is one of those great up-and-coming comics companies that I have really come to admire. They’re going places I haven’t been to before and doing it extremely well!

While my favorite of their books is Midnight Task Force, Knights of the Golden Sun is a great one and will give it a run for its money!


Writer: Mark London
Artist: Mauricio Villareal
Published by: Mad Cave Studios
Cover price: $3.99

SOLICITATION: Knights of the Golden Sun is a biblical epic set during a time of great turmoil. Four hundred years separate the Old Testament from the New Testament, and during that time neither man nor angel could hear God’s divine message. In His absence, an age of chaos ensues. With humanity at the wayside, a power struggle erupts. The Fallen, a group of angels banished from Providence for ignoring Father’s message, challenge the Archangels for control of the heavenly throne. What role will humanity play in the deciding of their fate? Who will rule over Providence and all that comes with it? The path to Providence begins in hell…


So far, Mr. London has written every one of the Mad Cave comics, including Battlecats and the aforementioned Midnight Task Force. He’s able to write great stories in multiple genres, and I’m always happy to read them

In this six-issue miniseries, he goes Biblical, presenting some of the events found in the Bible as he fills in some of the blanks from those stories. Appropriately enough, he starts out with a seasonal-centric tale, then weaves several tales together, setting up what will be a Heavenly war story between two groups of angels now that the Father is nowhere to be found.

I’ve been enjoying several Biblical and/or mythological comics for a while, and I’ve been intrigued by them all. This one, though, has the potential to outshine the rest.

I appreciate the main characters, including Michael, the archangel, and another angel friend of his who are surprised by just how evil Lucifer really is. Michael forgives the angel who will become Satan, which is apparently a big mistake because he shreds the archangel’s existence. And that’s only the first thing that happens!

I also like bringing in David to the story. That shepherd is a favorite character of mine in the Bible, and he’s represented well even though he doesn’t seem conscious of the danger he’s in… at least, for now.

Like all of Mr. London’s stories, the pacing is quick with many things going on that made me gasp out loud. The characterization is strong as well, and I just never know what is going to happen next! I love that!


The art in this miniseries is painted, and it is truly stunning. I keep thinking the word, “luscious” as I turn the pages. The characters frankly pop off the pages.

The expressions are well done: I never wonder what someone is feeling. Also, the action sequences shine with all kinds of shocks and stunners greeting the readers. Well done!

BOTTOM LINE: Angelic Storytelling

Honestly, I get everything Mad Cave Studios produces because it’s always excellent storytelling, making me care about the characters and wondering just what will happen when I turn those pages!

You may have to be sure to order these books through your local stores as some LCS’s haven’t discovered and requested these great comics yet.  There are trades coming if you see something of interest at their website at this link! It’s a great time of the year to get into a Bible-based story, so I’m all in! Highly recommended!

Knights of the Golden Sun #1

90% Biblical

It’s a great time of the year to get into a Bible-based story, so I’m all in!

  • Writing 90 %
  • Art 90 %
  • Coloring 90 %
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 100 %

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