There are a lot of cartoon characters out there, from the Aardvark to Invader Zim, but few of them have the pop culture presence of Mickey Mouse.  In fact, I’d say that the only one on his particular animated stratum is the rabbit from Brooklyn (or is it the Bronx?), that gray-furred deadpan snarker, Bugs Bunny.  Sure, Woody Woodpecker had a good long run, but it was really inconsistent, and the Pink Panther wasn’t actually around all that long, leaving Bugs or Micky to fight for that top slot.  Or maybe top cel?  Either way, it leads us to today’s toonerville query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) always favored their much-abused duck pals better, but I don’t control who the most popular ones are, asking: Bugs or Mickey?


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  1. Bugs because looney tunes cartoons always felt like they were the rebels of the industry. Back in the day, you always felt that they could say anything, do anything, and be anything.

    Mickey felt more Establishment. it feels like they were the ones who set the standard that even today make people feel like cartoons are just for kids. (i’m not including the disney feature films in this assessment because that’s a whole ‘nother thing)

    as much as a i love the disney animation style, having a buch of underdog rebels making cartoons in the Termite Terrace with multilevel jokes meant for both adults and kids wins this.

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