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Detective Pikachu Trailer is Here

We went deep into this during the opening segment of this week’s Major Spoilers podcast, but I would be remiss to not draw your attention to the POKEMON Detective Pikachu trailer that Warner Bros. dropped earlier this week:

Birds of Prey – Casting Cassandra Cain

Birds of Prey swooped back in this week with another casting notification following up on the news that Ewan McGregor would be joining the movie as Black Mask. Twelve-year-old actor Ella Jay Basco (Veep), will be playing the role of Cassandra Cain a.k.a. Orphan in Margot Robbi’s upcoming Birds of Prey movie according to Variety.

In the wake of such contemporary geek classics as Logan, the casting of Basco could imply a “we’re all teaming up to rescue Cassandra” storyline while she is forced to learn how to trust adults around her. Per DC Comic Book continuity, Cassandra’s mother is the villain Lady Shiva leading me to wonder whether or not this legendary assassin will also be appearing in Bird of Prey as well?

Pedro Pascal to Star in The Mandalorian

Variety reports that Game of Thrones actor Pedro Pascal has been cast in the first live action Star Wars series, The Mandalorian. The show will join Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor show on the Disney+ streaming service – which I also wrote about last week – and is being produced by Jon Favreau.

Pascal is also appearing in Wonder Woman 1984 and has a good reputation in the genre world. His casting is another impressive strike for diversity and representation on behalf of the Star Wars franchise, although this was no explicitly stated as a factor in his casting. There will inevitably be comparisons drawn between Pascal and Luna (I know which one I’m more excited about, pop down into the comments section and let me know your thoughts!), so I think The Mandalorian is fortunate to be set during a completely separate time period.

For me, personally, this is an incredibly exciting announcement. Pascal has stood head and shoulders above some silly dialogue (here’s looking at you Kingsman 2), and managed to deliver a great performance.



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