With the dawn of the superhero more than eight decades behind us, more and more “legacy” heroes are popping up to replace the old guys… Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Better Female Versions Of Existing Characters!

Whooshman-Bicarbonate Films, in conjunction with An Amateur Comics Historian and Lady Stilt-Man, Presents:



Better Female Versions

The youngest (known) child of Deathstroke, the Terminator, Rose Wilson is the longest-serving Ravager and the only woman to hold the role. The name originally belonged to her eldest brother Grant; in fact, she took the name from one of the men who used it after her brother, killing that Ravager while he was trying to kill HER.

And did I mention her would-be murderer was her uncle and Deathstroke’s brother? The Wilson family tree is a little bit twisted, y’all…


Thanks to a magical book of fables, Winter Sudam has superhuman speed and agility to augment her expert swordsmanship and combat skills; named for the Musketeer of lore, working with her partners Athos and Aramis, she protects the city of Philadelphia as a vigilante, sowing mayhem as she goes. (Their team battle cry is “Musketeers, MURDER!”, if that tells you anything.)


Hailing from Earth-3010, Wanda Wilson was swept up in the #TimeTravelShenanigans of her counterpart, Wade, and dragged into a de facto “Deadpool Corps” with kid, zombie and dog versions of themselves. When evil versions of themselves began picking all the dimensional Deadpools off, Lady Deadpool was one of the few survivors, eventually sacrificing herself to save the universes. Somewhat oddly, though Wanda is a woman, her world’s Captain America remains male.


The original Syonide was a low-level male merc who failed miserably to capture Black Lightning; she was much more successful, defeating most of the Outsiders in her quest to kill Halo. Indeed, it was she who inadvertently created Halo by murdering Violet Harper, whose body became the host for an alien creature, with their hybrid form becoming the hero.

She, unlike her predecessor, actually survived.



After a chance encounter with a flasher, Babs Wyon chose to become a bat… a REALLY SEXY bat, because perverts are a superstitious and cowardly lot! (Her debut issue features more than one artist, but this Hembeck rendition is the best-looking one in the book.) Debuting in 1992, she is a huge improvement over the BatMAN we had in the movies that year, in ‘Batman Returns.’

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