By sheer coincidence, I recently discovered that an online version of the New York Times crossword was, for some reason, white-listed by my work internet.  This is actually quite good new for me, as there’s only so much Food Network you can take and the comments on the news these days fill me with angst and fear for my fellow man.  But a little word puzzle helps to take the edge off, especially since they keep using “Ulee’s Gold” (because of the vowels) leading to today’s 53-down query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has also discovered that I have a knack for Sukdoku, despite it seemingly being math, asking: What type of puzzle do you find the MOST interesting puzzle of them all?


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  1. I really enjoy picross. There’s a Konami pixel puzzle collection on IPhone that’s free with ads and no micro transactions.

  2. Lemmy Caution (@_Lemmy_Caution) on

    Cryptic crosswords. Really good ones have clues that you ponder, go crazy over, come back to, and slap your forehead wondering why you didn’t see it before.

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