There are a lot of our fictional friends who get no respect: Charlie Brown…  Hank Pym…  Badass Billy Gunn.  But the question of whose reputation is the most unfairly maligned is a difficult one.  Could it be Cyril Figgis, who may be the only member of the Archer cast who could survive in a regular job?  Or perhaps Hoban Washburn, the jovial pilot of ‘Serenity’, who was a leaf in the wind?  Or could it be The Doctor in his sixth life, dealing with tsuris from old enemies, his own people, and even the producers at the BBC?  It’s a tough question, but one rife with possibility, leading to today’s disrespected query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) will argue for The Sixth Doctor all day long, especially if you resort to attacks on his glorious coat, asking: What fictional character is the most unfairly maligned of all?


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  1. Cyclops is up there. He’s not boring, he’s actually one level headed guy in a group full of irresponsible or insane mutants and kids and the most important one of them all.

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