While the Green Lanterns continue their fight against Eon and the Ravagers in Sector Zero, Hank Henshaw, aka Cyborg Superman, has taken the battle to Earth and Coast City! Can Hal Jordan stop history from repeating itself or will Coast City once again become a crater? Let’s find out in Green Lanterns #57 from DC Comics.

Green Lanterns #57 ReviewGREEN LANTERNS #57 REVIEW

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Mike Perkins
Cover: Mike Perkins
Publisher:  DC Comics
Release Date: October 17th, 2018
Cover Price:  $3.99

Previously in GREEN LANTERNS: After learning to hack the rings of the Green Lanterns., Hank Henshaw uses that knowledge to trick Simon Baz into making him as powerful as ever. Now, with Eon and the Ravagers battling the Green Lantern Corp and the Guardians on Mongo at Sector Zero, the Cyborg Superman has made his way to Earth and Coast City, with Hal Jordon in hot pursuit.


It’s a day like most other in the rebuilt Coast City. The businesses are buzzing, the people are milling, the sun is shining and life is good, until Hank Henshaw arrives. He is surprised that the city has been rebuilt. He was, after all, the one responsible for destroying the original and killing every person who lived there. While he may be surprised, that doesn’t stop him from preparing to raze the city once more. Luckily for the people who inhabit this new Coast City, Hal Jordan arrives to stop him, but, didn’t he try to save Coast City once before and fail?

Deep in space, at Sector Zero, the remainder of the Green Lantern Corp is battling the forces of Eon and The Ravagers. Outnumbered by an immeasurable number of enemy soldiers, the Corp fights on, leaving their masters, the Guardians of the Universe, to battle the powerful Eon. But can even the power of the Guardians stand up to Eon? Will the Corp last to see the quiet of peace after the storm of war?

Back on Earth, Henshaw and Jordan trade energy powered blows high above the city. You see, Henshaw can only take over rings which have been recently recharged, but Hal’s hasn’t been. Think of it like a virus unable to take over your desktop because you haven’t connected to the internet. But Henshaw has another trick up his sleeve, or on his finger, and pulls out the Phantom Ring to use against the Emerald Enforcer. As Henshaw presses his attack with renewed fury, can a lone Hal Jordon stand against the corrupt cyborg?

The answer might surprise you.


The Evil’s Might storyline has been a wild ride with writer Dan Jurgens (Action Comics, Booster Gold) and artist Mike Perkins (Ruse, Captain America) providing a visual thrill ride that feels like a galloping western as it comes to a dramatic climax. Dan Jurgens created the character of Hank Henshaw way back in Adventures of Superman #465 and guided his transformation into Cyborg Superman during the Reign of the Supermen storyline which followed the Death of Superman. It is fitting that Jurgens return to the character of the Cyborg, and have him the center piece villain of a plot which ultimately returns him to Coast City, where his true colors were revealed to the reading audience of the nineties. Other writers have taken a shot at Henshaw, but he always seems to have his truest voice when Jurgens is at the reigns. The thrill of seeing a rematch against Jordon in the place where, it could be argued, Hal suffered his greatest defeat. Forms a nice symmetry. Jurgens’ overall handling of the Green Lantern Corp in this storyline is enjoyable, and it is a shame it is for such an abbreviated run.

Artist Mike Perkins delivers an equally commendable showing with his line work in this issue. The action is great and we get some spectacularly designed panels showcasing the cosmic aspect of the Green Lanterns. In regards to that panel design, he delivers some unique ones. There are multiple pages where he gives us a unique layout of panels which accentuate the action on the page well, and there are only a few hiccups here and there in regards to anatomy and perspective.

My biggest complaint, if I had to dredge up one, is that it all seems to cut and dry. The action hits at such a fast pace, it is a little jarring when you realize that it is over. It is non-stop for seventeen pages, then suddenly the brakes engage and it all shifts. I understand the reasoning behind it, and the necessity of the way the story is formatted, but I wish it had a little more organic flow leading up to the ending. That said, the action is intense and it keeps you guessing the outcome clear through the end of the issue setting a clean slate for what is to come. Good job.


I’ve been away from Green Lantern for a while, but he has always been one of my favorite characters. Here, we are given a Hal Jordan who is older and wiser than when he first went toe to toe with the Cyborg, giving the battle the feel of master fighters giving their all to defeat their opponent. You get some good moments that I really would have love been given more time to flow, but it is what it is. This story closes a chapter, but gives reason to look forward to the future.

GREEN LANTERNS #57 is one of those issue which would have done so much better if you did not know what was coming afterward. Luckily, Jurgens and Perkins have the skills to grab your attention and keep it throughout the tale.

Green Lanterns #57


Pick up this issue to find out the outcome of the fight, and what the status quo will be in the future. Good fun for all.

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