One of the most unusual parts of living where I do is passing by the school building at the center of the landmark ‘Brown Vs. The Board Of Education’ case as a matter of course.  It’s a little bit strange to think about how such an important historical local landmark is just “that building on the way to the used bookstore where there’s a nice parking lot to hang out and read.”  Of course, that’s after growing up twenty minutes away from the Biggest Ball of Twine in the World and spending my twenties near the ridiculously cool Castle Rock Badlands area, leading to today’s roadside attraction query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) used to visit my mom who lived half a block from the historical Garden of Eden in Lucas, Kansas, and it was creepy as all get-out, asking: What’s the most noteworthy local landmark near you?


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  1. Daniel Langsdale on

    I’m in Alexandria, VA just inside the old DC diamond, so there’s sooooo many within spitting distance, but I suppose the closest geographically would have to be the Alexandria National Cemetary about two and a half blocks away. It’s slightly older than Arlington, built for the same purpose but ultimately too small for it (and R.E.Lee’s estate was better and more ironically suited for the job.)

  2. The Big Chicken.
    In north Metro Atlanta, a 55 foot tall red and white stylized chicken can be seen from miles away. It was local fried chicken joint that was bought out by KFC. When KFC announced that whey would tear it down, there was a local outcry to keep it.
    It’s big enough to be used as reference points for pilots coming in to the Atlanta airport.

  3. I’m in Louisville, KY, there are a lot of local landmarks that we all know. But, if I were showing someone around town, there’s a few things that stick out: Cave Hill Cemetary (it’s been around since the Civil War and Muhammad Ali is now buried there), Churchill Downs (home of the Kentucky Derby) and on Main Street in downtown, in front of the Louisville Slugger museum, there’s a ginourmous 120 ft baseball bat.

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