After the death of Janey Belle, a new Zombie Tramp has risen from the grave! Angel Lynch will be the next woman to take up the mantle of Zombie Tramp and will begin her journey in ZOMBIE TRAMP #57. The series will have art by Winston Young, story by creator Dan Mendoza and newcomer to the Danger Doll Universe, Vince Hernandez (writer of Aspen’s Fathom and Artifact One). Vince will be working with Dan on scripts to give fans some new and exciting adventurers for Zombie Tramp.

Creator Dan Mendoza comments, “To make it to 50 issues in a comic series today is certainly a milestone. I started this title in 2009 not knowing what I was in for. I certainly never expected it to become such a beloved character. It was just a labor of love to tell a story that wasn’t mainstream and didn’t have capes.”

He goes on to say, “This new tale in issue 57 jump starts a whole new character that hard core Zombie Tramp fans will love as much as the original. Teaming up with Aspen’s Vince Hernandez on this upcoming saga will prove to shock and amaze fans with dark humored, ultra sexy and violent storylines ZT fans have come to love. Our combined story ideas are creating a fresh take on a new Zombie Tramp that will differ from the original Janey Belle and welcome in the new anti-heroine, Angel Lynch.”

Writer Vince Hernandez comments that “I’m honored to be able to take on this iconic cult classic series with Dan Mendoza, a visionary creator. What we have planned with the just-announced new character, Angel Lynch, is a brand new chapter but really a throwback to what Dan created with the very first Zombie Tramp issue. It’s over-the-top sexy fun, grindhouse action and supernatural awesomeness set across the entire world landscape this time. It’s a tribute to Dan’s loyal fan base while also offering a fresh take for anyone that has yet to experience the brilliance of this title. It’s gonna be a ride!”

CEO and Publisher Bryan Seaton had this to say, “I want to welcome Vince to the Danger Zone family; we are fortunate to have such a great and experienced writer/editor join the team. I look forward to working and learning from him.”

You can pre-order the epic new start for the series in the December Previews catalog out later this month.

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