At New York Comic Con, some of the new creators behind DC’s most esteemed imprint, DC Vertigo, shared the real life stories that brought these new series to life—as well as a sneak peek at never-before-seen artwork!

Moderated by DC Vertigo Executive Editor Mark Doyle, panelists included Dan Watters and Kat Howard, writers from Sandman Universe’s LUCIFER and BOOKS OF MAGIC respectively. They were joined by creators from DC Vertigo’s new slate of creator-owned books including HEX WIVES’ Ben Blacker, GODDESS MODE’s Zoë Quinn, HIGH LEVEL’s Rob Sheridan and SAFE SEX’ Tina Horn.

As an added surprise, fans in attendance left with a few exclusive items, including the first full issue of HEX WIVES (available this Halloween!) and specialized lithographs from BOOKS OF MAGIC, GODDESS MODE and HIGH LEVEL (HL design by Sheridan).

Hex Wives, Lucifer, and Books of Magic arrives in October 2018.

via DC Comics


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