Born in a tiny village, the gnome who would be a hero discovered his mutant powers at puberty (age 112), eventually moving to America to fight evil in his no-nonsense way. He’s also the landlord for the League of Super Redundant Heroes, which means he has to occasionally turn his combat prowess towards collecting money from deadbeat young superheroes.

Like ya do…



Secretly average gamer girl Amber O’Malley, she has no super-powers but is remarkably agile and fast. I’m gonna be honest, I can’t quite figure out the multiple continuity strands of her appearances in a couple of different different strips (and I don’t have three years to read the whole backlog) but I’m 100% with a street-level ass-kicker, though her possible emotional/psychological issues are troubling…


Maaaybe less a webcomic than a digital comic, but I’m not splitting hairs. And don’t @ me. Jacqueline MacKenzie is the jet-pack wearing superhero of the city of Foxbay, and was the successful sidekick of her super-dad until his death. Now, with a gorilla that has dad’s powers, she will protect the city in his name!


Bribed into hanging out with his step-dad’s weird friend’s nephew, Simon Morris accidentally revealed his own secret identity (and by extension, the adults’ as well) to Sergio. Things got even weirder when they met the girl called Nilus, King of Atlantis, whose sidekick is an adult hero peer of the grown-ups. Personally, I keep wondering about Sergio’s powers, as I’m certain he’s got some, but I’ve been wrong before.


Ten Webcomic Heroes

Returning to action after an extended hiatus, Janice Jones has a new sidekick in her teenage daughter, who explains part of her long absence from super-heroics. Though lacking super-powers, she is capable of battling a pack of ninjas all on her own, and balances real life with her superhero duties admirably. She’s like Batman, only she’s a decent parent…

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