Not all heroes wear capes, and not all of them come from the land of comic books… Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Webcomic Heroes!

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Ten Webcomic Heroes

Not all heroes wear capes, and not all of them come from the land of comic books… Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Webcomic Heroes!

Hailng from Brazil and dating back to 1998, Combo Rangers tells the story of a group of school kids drafted by a retired hero to fight off an alien invasion.  My Portuguese is…  Well, nonexistent, but it’s easy to see this as a love-letter to Super Sentai, and this series is so well-regarded that when the creator went to fundraise new installments in recent years, they were fully funded in less than two weeks!  That latest installation came in English, allowing readers like me to experience Fox, Kiko, Lisa and the rest of the team in their wild multichromatic adventures.


Thanks to an accident caused by her clumsiness, Heather Brown has been imbued with a number of arachnid powers, including multiple arms, webspinners at the (*ahem*) base of her spine and what she gleefully refers to as “GIRL ABS!” Heather lives in a world of supers with references to mainstream shared universe superheroes and a perhaps a bit more male gaze than I’m 100% comfortable with, but her adventures are clever, weird and fun, featuring an impulsive hero learning the ropes of the super biz.


Another slice-of-life superhero story set in a world of heroes, at least this hero is good at keeping her secret identity under wraps. Real name unknown, S.H.G. lives in the long shadow of her more successful brother, and has one of my favorite superhero costumes in recent memory. It’s kind of a bummer that her creator has been so successful that Superhero Girl is on a loooong hiatus.


An agent of A.R.M. (the Agency for Restriction of Mayhem), Adam Tanner was gravely wounded in the line of duty and had his brain-engrams transferred into a powerful android body. With his newfound powers, Adam fights the evil Dr. Alpha, the man who nearly killed him! Plus, spiffy red tights!


Retired from the radioactive dog-eat-dog world of superheroics, Alison Green is focusing on her education, figuring out what to do with life sans cape. Of course, just because she’s done with heroics doesn’t mean that they’re done with here, and her former superhero pals are still trying to get her back in the game. It gets complicated…

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