This week’s Dueling Review was just the thing I needed in the middle of a frustrating week: Some soothing Disney-style shenanigans featuring Donald, his cheapskate uncle, identical triplet nephews and, for some reason, an alien.  The stories also touched briefly on the boys’ relationships with their uncle and HIS uncle, dealing with matters of the ducky father figure in a world of matching hats and absolutely no surviving mothers.  (It is a Disney production, after all.)  Interestingly, it didn’t really address the difference in psuedo-parenting style between the elderly rich feller who drags them around the world in a duck blur and the angry former sailor who clearly has some sort of battle fatigue after his actions in WWII, leading to today’s Anatidae query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) XXXXX asks: Who’s the better Ducky Father Figure: Donald or Unca’ Scrooge?


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