And here’s where the comments section bursts into flames! Mai Mishou is a member of Pretty Cure Splash Star, fighting evil with clam determination, a positive outlook and purple hair. Like all the Cures of her team, she has a second powered form, Cure Windy, thanks to some Early Installment Weirdness. Even later, she is able to agglomerate both her powersets into one upgrade form, Cure Rainbow Windy Egret, which also includes a pair of eagle wings to hammer home her bird-theming.


An android designated Raptor 283, the Pink Ranger of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger is the initial commander of the Battle Orion Ship and became part of the rebellion against the evil galactic empire, Jark Matter. Unlike most of her comrades, she has wings on her back (even though they seem too small to allow for flight) and is the first female eagle-theme Ranger in Super Sentai. Her designation, 283, can be pronounced “tsubasa”, which means “wing” and brings the pun in MagiYellow’s first name to light.


You guys remember WAAAAY back and #9, where Zyuoh Eagle was saved from certain by a Zyuman? Meet Bud, young Yamato’s savior! After years of mistrusted and hiding from humanity, Bud watched Yamato interact with his people and slowly began to trust the humans. When he was forced again to defend his friend’s life, Bud transformed into his super-powered form (which, to be fair, is pretty much an orange version of Zyuoh Eagle) and becoming Zyuohger’s Sixth Ranger!


Remember when I said that Jetmen didn’t have an eagle-themed Ranger? That’s not exactly true, if you count all types of media as, after the death of Black Condor in the final episode of Choujin Sentai Jetman, the series continued in manga form. The leader guitarist of the band Black Eagle, Jeffrey Kensaki was struck by a meteor (!!) that imbued him with the Birdonic Waves that empowered the other Jetman, and is quickly recruited as Green Eagle! He almost loses his life to save his teammate, Blue Swallow, and meets his predecessor in the afterlife before miraculously reviving.


The Red Ranger and leader of Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan, Ryuusake Ooowashi is the first Sentai leader to give up his role, returning to the United States for a cushy gig with NASA. His replacement, Takayuki Hiba, took over for the second half of their war with the Machine Empire Black Magma. Thirty years later, a much older VulEagle returned to gift his power to a successor team, reminding them to keep shining like the sun. As part of a land/air/sea trio, VulEagle and Sun Vulcan are among the last Sentai teams to wear the super-stylish scarves, which is a shame, if you ask me.

This weeks’ topic, Ten Super Sentai Eagles, is all me but feel hit me up on Twitter (@MightyKingCobra) with your suggestions! Or check out the full Twitter archive here! As with any set of like items, these aren’t meant to be hard and fast or absolutely complete, as there is a new Super Sentai team every February! Either way, the comments section is Below for just such an emergency, but, as always: Please, no wagering!

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