First off, did you guys know that everybody in the Breakfast Club has a LAST NAME?  And that Claire, whose hidden talent is putting on lipstick with no hands, is named Standish?  My mind is blown, even though I was only looking into this because of today’s MS-QOTD topic.  After my kid’s first marching band tournament last night, during which I was rained on and repeatedly kicked by a 20-something dad who kept screaming at his son BUBBBBAAAAAA! right in my ear, I realized that the child is really skilled with a flute.  Not only that, she can march while playing the thing, which is a step up from my general difficulty in walking and chewing gum, and leading to today’s prodigious query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) occasionally likes to sing and frighten people who don’t know that I can; also I can tape all your buns together, asking: What’s YOUR hidden talent?


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  1. If I tell, it won’t be hidden anymore!

    I guess mine is that I am actually very musical. I play the flute and violin and I sing. People where I used to go to church know because I did those things there, but those who know me now don’t know.

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