Beauty, it is said, is only skin-deep.  But what about those who don’t have any skin?  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Supers With Skull Faces!

Whooshman-Bicarbonate Films, in conjunction with An Amateur Comics Historian and Skeletor (Neeeheeee heh heh heh heh heeeeh), Presents:




Ten Supers With Skull Faces

Literally ‘The Golden Bat,’ he’s not only the first Japanese superhero, but is often credited as the world’s first comic book superhero, predating not only Superman, but the modern comic book itself! Debuting in 1931, he first appeared in a kamishibai (a type of street theatre using illustrated boards in a little stage-like device) and is a survivor of Atlantis sent forward to fight evil with the prototype Flying Brick powers and a snazzy red cape. Modern audiences may remember Sonny Chiba’s cinematic turn in the role around the same time as Adam West played that OTHER Bat-Man in the United States.



There’s something delightful about Bob Wood’s skull drawings that makes me happy, reminding me of the superheroes we all used to create in grade school. With all of 15 appearances to his name, Brad Hendricks took over as the arch-nemesis of The Claw, using his high-tech airplane to foil the giant villain’s plans at every turn. In his final appearance, he was captured by The Claw, never to appear again, implying strongly that he bought it in the villain’s torture chambers, a chilling thought…



Modern DC readers probably know his best as Director Bones, the head of the DEO (Department of Extranormal Operations), but when he was younger, he had a flashy pirate-inspired costume. As a member of Helix, a group of mutant children altered by one Dr. Love, Mr. Bones (real name unknown even to this day) fought Infinity Inc. In fact, he killed Infinitor Skyman, albeit accidentally, with his cyanide touch. Despite appearances, he HAS flesh and blood, they’re just transparent.



A member of the Apache tribe, Jeff Dixon returned home from law school to find his father framed for murder. Donning a specialized costume and war bonnet (which may or may not be hugely offensive), he set out to fight not only for his wrongfully imprisoned dad but for the entire Apache Nation. Like The Ghost, he made only a double-handful of appearances in the Golden Age before fading away.



Captain America’s legendary nemesis and opposite number, Johann Shmidt dubbed himself der Rote Schädel to serve as the face of the N*zi party in the Marvel Universe. It is a known issue that he simply cannot be killed off, to the point where he has been shot, burned and exploded on-panel, only to return unscathed. When last seen, he had harvested the brain of Charles Xavier and grafted it to his own to gain psionic powers and now my skin is crawling and we need to move on…

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